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Handstitched Beadwork Jewellery

Beadwork jewellery for that special occasion - or a special person.
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Beadwork GiftsBeadwork Gifts
Beadwork bracelets and bangles.
Brooches and EarringsBrooches and Earrings
Beadwork Brooches and Earrings
A variety of beadwork necklaces, necklace and earrings sets, pendants and lariats.
Seascape Spiral Necklace (BLBN25) Seascape Spiral Necklace (BLBN25)
This gorgeous necklace of blues and greens is worked in spiral weave in colours to complement the fabulous lampwork pendant made by Claire Louise Patrick of Cie...
Charlotte White and Gold Dangles Necklace (BLBN35) Charlotte White and Gold Dangles Necklace (BLBN35)
Very often my beadwork starts with the focal stone. Here I started with this fabulous vintage glass button bead - without a shank - that is a pure white with ch...
Starlet Beadwork Pendant (BW012) Starlet Beadwork Pendant (BW012)
I am so in awe of the artist who created this pattern. It was very difficult to make (not helped by the fact that the pattern is in Russian!) but to come up wit...
Bugle Call Beadwork Necklace (BW28) Bugle Call Beadwork Necklace (BW28)
This is a fun necklace worked in herringbone stitch with a variety of beads: bugle beads, seed beads (both shiny black and colourful) and O beads.
The neckla...
Firecracker Beadwork Necklace (BW29) Firecracker Beadwork Necklace (BW29)
The original design for this necklace came from celebrated Japanese beadworker Sonoko Nozue. I've adapted it to create this necklace, called Firecracker because...
Peaches & Cream (with Waffles) Necklace and Earring Set (BW43) Peaches & Cream (with Waffles) Necklace and Earring Set (BW43)
Tiny peach coloured Czech glass pearls curl around this necklace, worked in a cellini spiral stitch, with glass seed beads in varying peach and cream colours.$!...
Cleo: Vintage Lapis Blue Seed Beads with Glass Pearls Necklace & Earrings Set (WB004) Cleo: Vintage Lapis Blue Seed Beads with Glass Pearls Necklace & Earrings Set (WB004)
You can find genuine lapis lazuli and pearl jewellery elsewhere on this website. This necklace and Earrings Set evokes the very finest lapis and pearl jewellery...
Blue Basketweave Bracelet (BB20) Blue Basketweave Bracelet (BB20)
This cuff style bracelet was quite tricky to bead - so many different shades of blue in a pattern that shoots off in a different direction all the time.
Crazy Lace Agate Beadwork Necklace (BW26) Crazy Lace Agate Beadwork Necklace (BW26)
This is a lovely crazy lace agate cabochon (5cm x 4cm) in swirling sand and grey colours which I've captured in beadwork and suspended from a chenille stitch be...
Pearly Queen Beadwork Bracelet (BB0120 Pearly Queen Beadwork Bracelet (BB0120
This pretty little bracelet is worked in right angle weave stitch incorporating glass pearls with Czech firepolished beads in an etched finish in shades of gold...
Black Fringe Earrings (BWE03) Black Fringe Earrings (BWE03)
This is what I've learned: it is incredible difficult to take a decent photo of work that is predominantly black and a mix of matt and shiny blacks at that!
Raw Candy Beadwork Cuff Bracelet (BB016) Raw Candy Beadwork Cuff Bracelet (BB016)
This cuff bracelet has such a lovely slinky feel to it. I've stitched in right angle weave stitch, using shiny black Czech glass pearls and incorporated Czech g...
Lentil Pie Cuff Bracelet (BB017) Lentil Pie Cuff Bracelet (BB017)
The rounded beads in this bracelet are Czech lentil beads, with a metallic rainbow coating which gives the bracelet a nice lustre as they catch the light.
Patchwork Beadwork Bracelet (BB018) Patchwork Beadwork Bracelet (BB018)
Still working in the colour pop theme, this bracelet is worked in 3-drop peyote stitch using shiny and matte black seed beads with a palette of around nine brig...
Persian Nights Bezelled Crystals Bracelet (BB019) Persian Nights Bezelled Crystals Bracelet (BB019)
This is a super sophisticated bracelet (albeit a touch blingy). I've bezelled these half dozen glass crystals - in an assortment of jewel colours - with gold de...
Blue & Gold Netted Collar (BW52) Blue & Gold Netted Collar (BW52)
It was the colours that inspired me with this piece. I tried them in a twisted herringbone rope but thought that wasn't regal enough for them so started on a ne...
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