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Blue Flower Needlecase (BWG3)

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This is a wooden needlecase which I've beaded around using Delica (the best!) seed beads in a blue flower pattern.

The lid is also covered in beadwork in a complementary pattern.

I really enjoy making these - from getting the idea for the pattern to working it out on graph paper, selecting the beads I am going to use to doing the beadwork. I bead around the tube as I go.

Each pattern is uniquely my own, so you know you are buying something original. I may from time to time repeat a pattern I've used before, but will generally do something a little different with it.

The cases are 6cm long (including the lid) and around 2cm in diameter (on the outside). The stitch I use is one called peyote stitch and the bottom row of beads in the lid fit between the top row of beads on the main body of the case. But be careful not to smash them together - the beads are glass so a gentle push is all that is required.


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