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Handstitched Beadwork Jewellery > Necklaces

Handstitched Beadwork Jewellery  > Necklaces

A variety of beadwork necklaces, necklace and earrings sets, pendants and lariats.
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Colour Pops Beadwork Pendants on Chain Colour Pops Beadwork Pendants on Chain
The inspiration for these came from some lovely cactus pots made by one of the makers we have in our shop (Moth Crafts in Bungay). She poured concrete into moul...
Porcelain Pendant on Beadwork Necklace (BW46) Porcelain Pendant on Beadwork Necklace (BW46)
A fellow crafter, Irene Lucas, makes amazing pottery and often uses porcelain in her work. She had a few samples which she was selling so I snapped them up as I...
Porcelain Pendant on Beadwork Chain (BW45) Porcelain Pendant on Beadwork Chain (BW45)
This lovely porcelain piece was made by a fellow crafter, Irene Lucas who is an extraordinary potter. I have encased the porcelain in beadwork, using little 2mm...
Pretty Pastels Necklace (BW44) Pretty Pastels Necklace (BW44)
This is a soft pastel coloured necklace using the palest pinks and blues with matt white seed beads. I've also used 2mm Czech glass pearls in pretty pink at the...
Starflower Pendant (BW006) Starflower Pendant (BW006)
This pendant was made from a pattern by the talented Polish beadwork artist Justyna Szlezak. Sadly Justyna lost her battle with cancer this year, but her work l...
Catch of the Day Lariat (BW007) Catch of the Day Lariat (BW007)
This is a lariat worked in netting stitch in shades of grey, crystal and blue, embellished with little Czech glass fish beads, beadwork crabs and branched netti...
Gloriana - Lapis Lazuli Pendant with Golden Beadwork (BW21) Gloriana - Lapis Lazuli Pendant with Golden Beadwork (BW21)
Lapis lazuli is such a rich blue - worn since ancient times to promote peace and inner strength. I can imagine Cleopatra wearing a necklace such as this. I've c...
Cosmic Crystal and Gold Pendant Necklace (BW005) Cosmic Crystal and Gold Pendant Necklace (BW005)
This is a sumptuous necklace featuring a fabulous Swarovski crystal.
I used top quality Japanese Delica beads for the beadwork in gold and crystal, with litt...
Silvery Moon Necklace (BLBN02) Silvery Moon Necklace (BLBN02)
By the light of the silvery moon... This is very much a statement necklace and the statement you are making is: "How fabulous is this?"
I used two sizes of s...
Bronze Beauty (BW39) Bronze Beauty (BW39)
This is a sleek pendant necklace worked in shiny bronze delica seed beads featuring a tiger iron shield stone pendant. Tiger iron is a semi-precious stone compr...
Mookaite and Beadwork Necklace (BLBN16) Mookaite and Beadwork Necklace (BLBN16)
The mookaite drops and rondelles are the stars of this necklace. I've used seed beads in complementary colours, stitched together with netting and daisy stitche...
Seascape Spiral Necklace (BLBN25) Seascape Spiral Necklace (BLBN25)
This gorgeous necklace of blues and greens is worked in spiral weave in colours to complement the fabulous lampwork pendant made by Claire Louise Patrick of Cie...
Charlotte White and Gold Dangles Necklace (BLBN35) Charlotte White and Gold Dangles Necklace (BLBN35)
Very often my beadwork starts with the focal stone. Here I started with this fabulous vintage glass button bead - without a shank - that is a pure white with ch...
Starlet Beadwork Pendant (BW012) Starlet Beadwork Pendant (BW012)
I am so in awe of the artist who created this pattern. It was very difficult to make (not helped by the fact that the pattern is in Russian!) but to come up wit...
Bugle Call Beadwork Necklace (BW28) Bugle Call Beadwork Necklace (BW28)
This is a fun necklace worked in herringbone stitch with a variety of beads: bugle beads, seed beads (both shiny black and colourful) and O beads.
The neckla...
Firecracker Beadwork Necklace (BW29) Firecracker Beadwork Necklace (BW29)
The original design for this necklace came from celebrated Japanese beadworker Sonoko Nozue. I've adapted it to create this necklace, called Firecracker because...
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