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Handstitched Beadwork Jewellery > Brooches and Earrings

Handstitched Beadwork Jewellery  > Brooches and Earrings

Beadwork Brooches and Earrings
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Wheels of Colour Earrings (BWE01) Wheels of Colour Earrings (BWE01)
These fun earrings alternate colourful seed beads with shiny black seed beads and glass pearl beads in a variety of sizes. They are stitched around a central st...
Cockahoop Beadwork Earrings (BWE02) Cockahoop Beadwork Earrings (BWE02)
These earrings are such fun. They are worked in brickstitch around a stainless steel ring, using shiny black bugle beads with glass lentil beads with an iridesc...
Black Fringe Earrings (BWE03) Black Fringe Earrings (BWE03)
This is what I've learned: it is incredible difficult to take a decent photo of work that is predominantly black and a mix of matt and shiny blacks at that!
Pink Star Flower Brooch (BWB01) Pink Star Flower Brooch (BWB01)
I don't make many beadwork brooches (note to self: make more!) but I wanted to experiment with cubic right angle weave stitch and I wanted to use this particula...