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Handmade semiprecious gemstone jewellery in blues greens greys and silver

Handmade jewellery in blues, greens, greys and silver. Gemstone jewellery.
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Lapis Lazuli Knotted Necklace (SS110) Lapis Lazuli Knotted Necklace (SS110)
Most of the lapis lazuli I work with is raw - roughly cut and lightly polished or not polished at all. The results are more bohemian than this necklace. Here th...
Chunky Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Necklace (SS91) Chunky Lapis Lazuli and Malachite Necklace (SS91)
low in stock! Sorry - now sold!
These are fabulous irregular chunks of polished lapis lazuli with slightly smaller and thinner chunks of green malachite knotted between.
I've knotted betwee...
Dragon Blood Knotted Necklace (SS109) Dragon Blood Knotted Necklace (SS109)
Marketed as Dragon Blood jasper, these stones are a lovely greeny/blue teal colour. They are fat (14mm) rounds which I've knotted together using a matching nylo...
Silver Pennants Necklace (SS95) Silver Pennants Necklace (SS95)
This necklaces features seven Karen Hill Tribe silver pennants teamed with hematite and rondelles of lava stone.
Karen Hill Tribe silver is 99% pure silver (...
Symphony in Blue Necklace (SS34) Symphony in Blue Necklace (SS34)
This necklace is a symphony of blues, from the teal blue of the apatite rondelles, the pale blue of the tiny round aquamarine beads, the celestial blue of the c...
Mermaid's Treasure Aquamarine Necklace  (SS70) Mermaid's Treasure Aquamarine Necklace (SS70)
I see this necklace as a mermaid's jewel, washed up onto the shore. The aquamarines, in a watery almost clear colour, are 10mm long, knotted together with tiny,...
Aquamarine Bracelet (SS72) Aquamarine Bracelet (SS72)
This pretty little aqamarine bracelet uses 6mm facetted aquamarine rondelles spaced with little sterling silver beads, with a 20mm x 18mm facetted aquamarine fl...
Chrysoprase Pendant Necklace (SS106) Chrysoprase Pendant Necklace (SS106)
This is a chunky slab of raw chrysoprase in a gorgeous peppermint green. Chrysoprase, mined in Australia, can vary in its greeness, according to the amount of n...
Blue Wash Ice Blue Agate Knotted Necklace (SS105) Blue Wash Ice Blue Agate Knotted Necklace (SS105)
You can't fail but love the icy blue agates and angelites used in this necklace! I've knotted between each of the stones using white nylon thread to keep it sim...
Tourmalinated Quartz & Black Onyx Necklace (SS102) Tourmalinated Quartz & Black Onyx Necklace (SS102)
This is a nice long necklace (26"/665mm) of chunky tourmalinated quartz knotted with matt black onyx stones n size 12mm and 4mm and matt quartz in 10mm. I've kn...
Blue Sandstone Classic Necklace (SS103) Blue Sandstone Classic Necklace (SS103)
This is a classic style necklace in blue sandstone (sizes 12mm and 6mm) which is a very deep navy blue - but there is a twist! It sparkles as the light catches ...
Blue Quartz Necklace (SS104) Blue Quartz Necklace (SS104)
This is a classic style necklace using pale aquamarine blue 12mm dyed quartz crystals knotted on blue nylon cord.
It is 17.5" (445mm) long, fastening with a ...
Karen Hill Tribe Silver Pennant Earrings (SS96) Karen Hill Tribe Silver Pennant Earrings (SS96)
The triangular pennants (with zigzag pattern) are 99% pure silver, made the by silversmiths of the Karen Hill Tribe in Thailand.
I've put them on sterling si...
Natural Chrysocolla Knotted Necklace (SS111) Natural Chrysocolla Knotted Necklace (SS111)
Anything pebbly is always popular and this necklace will be too I'm sure. It is a long necklace of natural chrysocolla pebbles knotted with 8mm round chrysocoll...
Chrysocolla Knotted Necklace (SS113) Chrysocolla Knotted Necklace (SS113)
Sometimes we just want a simple necklace that will go with practically anything but still looks good. This gorgeous chrysocolla necklace is just the job!