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Pink Porcelain Pendant (BW63) Pink Porcelain Pendant (BW63)
A friend of mine works in ceramics, especially porcelain and she made a batch of 'samples' which I snapped up thinking they would make ideal pendants or brooche...
Beady Anguis Slinky Necklace & Earrings Set (BW51) Beady Anguis Slinky Necklace & Earrings Set (BW51)
My brother used to keep a pet slow worm and, having seen one in the wild recently (although I am convinced it was a smooth snake!), I was inspired to make this ...
Aquamarine Bracelet (BH53) Aquamarine Bracelet (BH53)
Two strands of sparkling blue aquamarines are caught between nuggets of more unusual yellow aquamarine, the two colours complementing each other perfectly in th...
Hematite and White Jade Necklace (SM62) Hematite and White Jade Necklace (SM62)
This necklace is more of a contemporary style comprising smooth tubes of hematite with large shiny white jade (probably agate rather than jade) round beads (aro...
Aventurine and Hemimorphite Necklace (LS04) Aventurine and Hemimorphite Necklace (LS04)
The dark green stones in this necklace are 10mm facetted aventurine. I've teamed them with nuggets of pale green-blue hemimorphite (a relatively rare stone) and...
Citrine and Red Agate Knotted Necklace (D32) Citrine and Red Agate Knotted Necklace (D32)
There is a lot of sparkle in the citrine chips in this necklace, complemented by the rectangular red agate stones.
The necklace is 21" (520mm) long, fastenin...
Blue Quartz Necklace (SS104) Blue Quartz Necklace (SS104)
This is a classic style necklace using pale aquamarine blue 12mm dyed quartz crystals knotted on blue nylon cord.
It is 17.5" (445mm) long, fastening with a ...
Picture Stone Jasper Pendant (LS81) Picture Stone Jasper Pendant (LS81)
Because of the way jasper is formed - through crystals of jasper forming in cracks in rocks as they move over time (eons of time!) it is probably one of the mos...
Turquoise Howlite Knotted Necklace (BH100) Turquoise Howlite Knotted Necklace (BH100)
Turquoise is such a summery colour and you don't get much more summery than this - large (14mm) round turquoise dyed howlite stones knotted in a matching cord w...
Gold!  Netted gold bead necklace (BW101) Gold! Netted gold bead necklace (BW101)
Browsing on a Czech wholesale bead site I came across this fabulous gold 6mm firepolished beads and just had to have them.
There are rather a lot used in thi...
Precious Friendship Gemstone Bracelet (SM90) Precious Friendship Gemstone Bracelet (SM90)
OK, friendship bracelets are normally made from woven threads which very rapidly become tatty and unsightly. For those of us with more sophisticated tastes a pr...
Mixed Carved Quartz Necklace (BH84) Mixed Carved Quartz Necklace (BH84)
These sweet carved quartz semiprecious gemstones have been teamed with 4mm frosted quartz crystal stones, all interspersed with tiny sterling silver beads to gi...
Carnelian Flowers Necklace (CG36) Carnelian Flowers Necklace (CG36)
This carnelian necklace is so pretty, with carved carnelians in small and large trumpets pointing to a cluster of matt carnelian carved flowers in the centre. I...
Green Aventurine Necklace (D43) Green Aventurine Necklace (D43)
Light and dark green shades of aventurine are used here, in facetted lozenge shapes with tiny rounds and little saucers.
The stones are simply strung togeth...
Dark Red Marble Quartz Necklace (LS85) Dark Red Marble Quartz Necklace (LS85)
The stones here are marble quartz, dyed a deep red. I fell in love with the colour when I saw these - it is not one that is found naturally in semiprecious gems...
Charlotte White and Gold Dangles Necklace (BLBN35) Charlotte White and Gold Dangles Necklace (BLBN35)
Very often my beadwork starts with the focal stone. Here I started with this fabulous vintage glass button bead - without a shank - that is a pure white with ch...
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