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Blue Topaz and Peridot Precious Friendship Bracelet (SM142)

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For this bracelet I've used beautiful microfacetted Swiss blue topaz and teamed them with microfacetted peridot rondelles. I love blue and green together and these two tone really well.

Topaz is yellow - to achieve the blue, the stone is irradiated which causes the electrons inside the stone to be knocked out of their orbits (or so I read - sounds painful!) but the result changes the way light is refracted and gives us this lovely blue. Because they are irradiated (and don't worry - there are no harmful radioactive residues!) the colour is permanent and won't fade over time. But like most gemstones, topaz is best cleaned using warm soapy water rather than cleaned ultrasonically. (You see some of the experts cleaning metal uttrasonically on The Repair Shop).

And peridot - what can I say? This superb fresh green is as natural as the day is long.

This bracelet is strung - but knotted at each end for added security - and fastens with a Karen Hill Tribe silver toggle (for more about the purity of Karen Hill Tribe silver see here:

The bracelet is 7.5" (19cm) long and comes with a gift box ready to present to your that special someone.

Peridot is the birthstone for August, blue topaz is for those with December birthdays.


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