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Caring for your jewellery

Most precious and semi-precious stones are sensitive to light - some may fade if in direct sunlight for a long time so it is best to keep your jewellery in a pouch or jewellery box.

All silver tarnishes over time. A gentle polish with a jeweller's cloth is best, rather than getting out the stuff you use to clean the family silver as this is too harsh for the fine sterling silver I use.

Avoid chemicals when wearing your jewellery as cleaning fluids and polishes can spoil your beads.

Make sure your perfume or body lotion is dry before you put on your jewellery as this too can spoil the stones. Do avoid applying perfume after you have put your jewellery on.

Also, do avoid getting your jewellery wet as this can affect the wire stringing and the stones themselves. Always remove it before bathing, swimming or doing the washing up!

To clean your jewellery simply use a soft cloth to gently rub it and to keep it really fresh and sparkling - wear it!