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Southwold Harbour in January

posted on 11 January 2013 | posted in Blog

My teacher daughter had a training day, so, rather unexpectedly, we were in charge of the granddaughters for the last day of the Christmas holidays.

It wasn't actually raining, so we decided to take them off to Southwold for a fish 'n' chip lunch at the Harbour Inn, where we know the cod to be sustainably caught and landed fresh each day at Lowestoft. And which we also know the girls will eat.

I love this part of Southwold - it is very much a working harbour but on Monday we had it practically to ourselves. We visited the Fish shack to look at the lobsters wielding their massive claws in the fish tank (they live there - not dinner!) and my husband salivated over all of the fresh fish available for sale and we made a mental note to visit again for a fishy lunch - they don't serve anything else, not even chips!

The Fish Shack Southwold
The Fish Shack, Southwold Harbour

Many of the boats were out of the water for the winter, making an interesting avenue along the wet potmarked road.
Boats at Southwold Harbour
Avenue of boats at Southwold Harbour

It is images such as this that stay with me and inspire me when I am selecting stones for my jewellery designs. Labradorite and pearl spring to mind here!

Looking towards Walberswick

When the girls are bigger we'll be able to go on longer walks with them - it's a bit of trek up to the bridge which crosses the creek then down again to go into Walberswick which is just across the water. In the summer a rowboat ferry crosses back and forth - great fun.

I love the shapes - the perpendiculars of the mooring posts, the horizontals of the walkways and the washed out colours of an overcast day.

But it's not all quite so picturesque - this is a working boatman's hut:
Fishermans hut
Fisherman's Hut at Southwold

A far cry from the famous beach huts on the sea front! But these working huts retain a certain charm and its good to know that gentrification hasn't reached this far.

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