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Good Vibrations

posted on 15 August 2009 | posted in Blog

Good Vibrations July is the month of the annual Bungay Festival when all of Bungay’s clubs, societies and other organisations stage special events to celebrate Bungay’s culture. My contribution is to produce the full-colour brochure listing all of the events, which our local employer, Clays the bookprinters, printed for us.

One of the events was a talk on Bungay’s ley lines with a tour of the areas where the lines traverse the town. Our town is on the Mary line, which stretches across the country from West to East, running through St. Mary’s Church and Priory ruins in Bungay, via the Castle (oh yes we have a castle) meadow. Apparently it is called the Mary line because there are so very many churches named after the Virgin along its route.

Our guide picked up the line with his dowsing rods. I had a go and yes, you definitely feel the rods ‘engage’ somehow. I do believe that the earth contains energy fields which can be detected in this way. Some people can feel these energies with their hands. I cannot say I am one of them (and I was really quite sceptical when our dowser ‘asked’ the rods questions – amazed that they understand English!), but I do know that when I am working with semi-precious stones I feel a kind of calmness and a sort of kinship with them. I like to the think that they really do contain the properties crystal healers attribute to them. I always feel wonderfully relaxed when I work with them and I always hope that some of my ‘vibes’ will join with those of the stones to impart good feelings to the wearers of my pieces.

With this in mind I gladly accepted an invitation to take a stall at the 'Heavenly Earth Show' on Sunday 27th September in Wymondham. Wymondham is another little market town quite close to Bungay, in South Norfolk.

Here’s hoping for some really good vibrations at the show!

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