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Jewellery Made to Order - FAQs

I'm looking for a necklace to go with a special outfit - can you make it for me?

Yes. I'll discuss with you the type of outfit you want your jewellery to match: where you want the necklace to sit in relation to the neckline and give you some choices of colour/semiprecious stone and your deadline.

Will it cost more to make something for me?

Not necessarily. Depending on the type of necklace, bracelet or earrings you are looking for I may have some semiprecious stones in stock or I may need to source them for you from one of my regular suppliers. In that case there will be additional postage costs. So it shouldn't cost too much more than similar types of jewellery you see on my website but of course it depends on the quality of the stones and fittings you require. I rarely use the more expensive gem grade semiprecious stones or finer gemstones in my own jewellery designs as this would put the price out of the affordable jewellery category but I love working with these gemstones and always welcome the chance to make something very special for customers.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, I ask for 50% of the agreed price in advance.

How long will it take to make my jewellery?

I always prioritise custom orders so generally speaking you will have your jewellery within two weeks. If you are not in a hurry and are looking for something a bit more unusual or stones that are unavailable in the UK I can source interesting semiprecious gemstones from the overseas suppliers I use and we need to allow 4 weeks for those to arrive. I often send pics of semiprecious stones in different shapes and sizes to customers to allow them to make their choice before ordering them.

What if I don't like it?

I involve my customers at every stage of the processes so once we have agreed a design I will make the necklace or bracelet or earrings to the design we have agreed and email you a picture for your approval. If there are two or three designs we have in mind, I'll send pics of all them, before finishing off the necklace, so you can choose which you prefer. In this way you will receive the jewellery you expect.

How do I pay the deposit and balance?

I can send you a PayPal invoice for the deposit and you can pay that way (you don't need a PayPal account) or you can send me a cheque. I will do the same once the order has been completed and you have approved the pics of the completed jewellery.

Can I return it if I change my mind?

Yes you can, but sadly I cannot refund the deposit.

I have a broken necklace that didn't cost very much to begin with will it be expensive to repair?

No. I try and keep costs of repair down as I am a firm believer in women being able to wear the jewellery they already own. Prices start from as little as 8 to restring a necklace but of course the cost of additional materials that may need to be used will be added to the cost. Unlike high street jewellers however, I do not make a profit on the component parts I use. I simply charge for the time it takes me to repair the jewellery. This is why re-knotting pearls and other beads costs a bit more. But I always discuss what a customer needs before hand, so we are all agreed on what needs to be done and what it will cost before anyone sends me their broken jewellery.

Click here for more info on repairs.

I really like one of the necklaces on your website but think it would be too short or too long for me. Can you adjust it?

Almost always, yes I can, but some necklaces (eg those with more than one row of beads) have a unique design and the simplest thing would be to make another to the length that would be most suited to you. But customers do ask me to make necklaces longer for them and nine times out of ten I can do this.

Can you set stones in silver?

Not yet! Until I do my silversmithing course and have the necessary silversmithing tools I prefer to recommend someone who is trained in silversmithing to my customers.

What is your policy on returns, breakages, postal charges etc?

Everything is explained here at Buying is Easy as DiDi handmade jewellery.