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Call me a Romantic!

posted on 28 November 2010 | posted in Blog

Since adding the restringing service to the website I have been busy repairing customers" own necklaces and bracelets and I love doing it as restoring someone's much loved jewellery, which often has a sentimental value given by someone they love, is very satisfying.

And now the craft fairs have started again. The fair at Walpole was in a big barn - sadly a modern one, rather than oak-beamed! I wish I'd taken my camera though, to photograph the people walking home over the hill as the sun was setting. The sight would have made a wonderful painting.

And again I wish I'd had my camera to hand as, having packed up after the last show at Southwold as I was waiting to turn right in my car and head for home I glanced left and there was a huge full moon hanging over the sea. It put me in mind of Wordsworth's feelings expressed in The Prelude:

I dipp'd my oars into the silent Lake,
And, as I rose upon the stroke, my Boat
Went heaving through the water, like a Swan;
When from behind the craggy Steep, till then
The bound of the horizon, a huge Cliff,
As if with voluntary power instinct,
Uprear'd its head.

But I don't think my photography skills could have captured the emotion I felt when I saw that moon uprear'd over the sea!

I really hope that some of the beauty of the countryside around here, and the inherent beauty in the semi-precious stones I love so much, seeps into my designs and can be felt by my customers.

But then - I may be just an old romantic!

Disclaimer: I have to say the verse did not spring into my mind exactly as above - just the idea of it, remembered from my university days! I had to look the actual verse up!

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