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Boxing Day 2015

posted on 29 December 2015 | posted in Blog

Now it is established as a family tradition, the girls are happy to have a walk on our lovely Common on Boxing Day morning.

We always go after the Waveney Harriers" hunt has moved off in town (I'm ambivalent - I don't approve of hunting animals with dogs but if they are drag racing - where's the harm? However, I don't stand and applaud them). And we usually arrive after the Black Dog runners have sprinted off, so we have the place pretty much to ourselves. A few lone golfers on the golf course that takes up so much of the Common, a few dog walkers, one or two other families giving themselves and their children a bit of exercise to walk off the excesses of the day before...

We are so lucky to have such a beautiful space on our doorstep here in Bungay.
the Common
A view of the River Waveney which borders the Common.

Common 2
A tributary meandering towards Earsham
Common 3

My favourite view

My two granddaughters found much to delight them, the puddles in the car park were only the beginning; there were deeper ones on our walk (one even 10 out of 10 for deepness) finishing with a wade on the edges of the fishing pond.

girls splashing

Local farmers graze their cattle on parts of the common too.
And to cap it all there were two massive heaps of earth - with, joy!, a plank to walk between them, near the bank where in summer the Sand Martins nest. Perfect for running down.
A quick wade in the pond then back to mine for homemade soup. (Delicious!).

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