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Snowflake Obsidian with Black Agate Knotted Necklace (SM135)

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What is snowflake obsidian? Obsidian is a volcanic glass formed naturally when lava cools rapidly with no time for crystal growth. Snowflake obsidian shows partial crystallisation where the mineral cristobalite has interacted with the obsidian, hence the white snowflakes within the stone.

The snowflake obsidian stones used here are 25mm round thick coins which I've teamed with highly polished black agate, a member of the chalcedony group of quartzes. I've used 12mm and 8mm stones and knotted between all of the stones to give durability and strength.

The necklace is 21.5" (525mm) long and fastens with a hammered sterling silver toggle clasp.

Something a bit different to wear with the little black dress (does anyone wear those any more?)!


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