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Ocean Agate Slabs Knotted Necklace (LS104)

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If you love natural semiprecious gemstones you will love these. They are slabs of ocean agate cut in a freeform teardrop style which really show off the wonderful markings and colours within them.

I've knotted them with 6mm round unakaite stones between which gives the necklace a lovely drape and wearability.

The central stone measures 3.5cm x 2.5cm. The necklace is 18.5" (475mm) long, fastening with a hammered Karen Hill Tribe silver toggle clasp. Karen Hill Tribe silver has a higher pure silver content than sterling (and is consequently more expensive) and it is my first choice for clasps.

For a dramatic effect wear this over a black round necked or polo necked jumper. Or under a shirt for work. Or with a tunic and leggings for going out. You will be sure to get many admiring comments whenever you wear it!


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