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Iolite and Pearl Necklace (SS40)

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Midnight blue chunks of iolite are spaced onto dark peacock blue pearls to create a necklace which is kind of bohemian yet sophisticated.

The pendant is hand wired onto sterling silver wire with a little squiggle flourish at the top and all of the iolite chunks are set between sterling silver caps and beads.

Iolite is said to help you express your true self and the iolite stones used here, being rough cut and lightly facetted, are true to themselves. The work in contrast to the smooth pearls (which are cultured freshwater pearls, dyed this lovely iridescent blue) - reminding me of the rocks which shore up our crumbling coastline, rising from a still sea,, its true power remaining hidden.

The necklace is 17" (432mm) long with the iolite pendent measuring around 4cm. The clasp is from the Karen hill tribe of Thailand and is of a purer silver than sterling.

52  42

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