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Graduated Turritella Agate & Pyrite Knotted Necklace (LS103)

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These stones are fascinating! They are agate with inclusions of fossilised sea snails from the Turritellidae family - which basically means little turrets. However, paleantologists query that the fossils are from this family, as the agate was deposited in a series of ancient freshwater lakes, over 40 million years ago. It is likely that the fossils are from the freshwater loving Elimia family of snails - which are also turret shaped and tiny!

I have never come across these before but snapped them up when one of my favourite gemstone dealers was selling them at a rent bead fair. I'm not sure I will be able to get them again.

The stones measure from 2cm - 3.5cm. I have knotted some 6mm round pyrite stones between them (also from my favourite dealer) as the colours go so well and the pyrite gives the necklace more weight.

The necklace is 17.5" (445mm) long, fastening with a substantial Karen Hill Tribe silver toggle clasp. Karen Hill Tribe silver has a higher pure silver content than sterling silver and is very comfortable to wear.

Unusual - and gorgeous!


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